Five Years Plus

{October 3, 2013}   A week away…

It is now less than week away from my surgery date: Tuesday, October 8, 1pm. Certainly it took quite a few appointments, tests and some organization to get to this point. Now it’s taking quite some preparation to get both my home ready and leave behind appropriate plans for the classes I will miss when I’m recovering. I’m balancing this with teaching my current classes and most important, I keep reminding myself, staying healthy. And did I forget to mention – enjoying this absolutely gorgeous weather?!

The surgery planned is a mastectomy followed by the first step of reconstruction – insertion of a tissue expander. I’ll also have a sentinel node dissection, which means a small number of the lymph nodes most likely to carry cancer cells will be taken out for testing. All going well I’ll be in our local Crouse Hospital for just one night.

I had fully intended to keeping a regular account of this second time around the breast cancer journey. I didn’t anticipate the sinking feeling that would hijack my inner world after I returned from the tournament and visit in Vancouver. As that lifted it was back to work and the busy-ness of fall – that is, the fall of perhaps 2000 pears from our trees.

Now I’m feeling remarkably calm. I admit it’s hard to remember so clearly what is ahead and just how painful it was last time. But I also feel confident in my doctors and my ability to heal and move on. I’m practicing keeping the soul searching that easily accompanies this kind of diagnosis to a minimum. I’m aiming to simply live today as best as I can.

Thanks for taking an interest by reading my story. I’ll ask Chuck to update you after the surgery.


Glenda says:

I am sending positive and peaceful energy your way.

Ann says:

Hi G, I have tried to reach you a couple of times (or so) on home phone but didn’t leave message. Have been thinking of you since the start of October and wondering what your date was. For some reason my gmail filters out emails from you and puts them in a folder called “Social” that I didn’t even know existed. The least it could do is put it in a folder called “Family”!! Thanks for this update, so eloquently and thoughtfully written as usual 🙂

Sue says:

I am with you in spirit tomorrow. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. 😉 Sue

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