Five Years Plus

{October 8, 2013}   The day of

Today was my surgery. In my preparation, I did hold the hope that this time would be a little easier. And it is in some ways. For one thing, I am so grateful for all the people who are looking after me. Chuck is staying with me all day and all night while I’m in the hospital. I’m so grateful that my daughter Hayley and her Mom stopped by to visit after my surgery and that Orah came by this afternoon to sit with Chuck while I was in recovery. Bodhi is looking after the cats and keeping the home fires stoked for my return. I spoke with my sister Ann, and she’s keeping Beth and Dave informed. Chuck has been texting my status to Luke, Art, and all our dear friends and they in turn have sent messages of loving support. Art is keeping Nic, Zach and Thomas up to date. Vidya kept a candle lit on her healing alter all day. So many others have been praying for me or supporting me in their own spiritual way. All the nurses here at Crouse are angels of healing and caring. And every time a baby is born in the hospital, they play a little lullaby tune. There have been four little bundles of joy delivered while we’ve been here! My doctors did a great job and earlier I was actually able to stand up. I’m holding the balance between pushing myself to recover fast (so I can be discharged tomorrow) and allowing myself to let healing take its own time. I have to walk and pee sometime before I can go home. With any luck, I’ll be home by tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and speaking of luck, my lymph nodes tested negative for disease! Hurray!



Sue says:

What great news you are on the other side of surgery and especially lymph nodes negative! Keep writing when you can. Take care of yourself. Healing Hugs – Sue

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