Five Years Plus

Five Years Plus is my ongoing story of creating a conscious, healthy and happy life, one day at a time. As a breast cancer survivor my number one priority is taking care of my health. My life depends on it.

During my breast cancer treatment I repeatedly said “no” to the toxic treatments – radiation, chemotherapy and tamoxifen – that were being pushed as the only legitimate options. Instead I took responsibility for my own healing, figuring out what was best for me. Since I was already living a relatively healthy lifestyle, I had to carefully scrutinize every aspect of my life to be sure I was leaving no stone unturned.

I believe that we are in the midst of a renaissance of personal responsibility for health care. The popularity of alternative health care is on the rise. There is a growing trend towards eating organic and locally grown foods. Yoga has become a household word and meditation is packaged as “stress reduction” and taught in many venues.

However, despite good intentions, it is a challenge to successfully integrate positive changes into a busy life while juggling work, play, housework, family, friends, community and spirituality. This weekly blog shares both my successes and difficulties in maintaining a lifestyle which promotes health. I hope it will inspire in you new thoughts, discussions and actions. I am especially passionate about creating and sustaining a conscious kitchen, though undoubtedly I will also write about my experiences with yoga, meditation, tennis, gardening and whatever is current and exciting in my life.


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